technological assistance
for social services

Automatic Risk Detection

Warns when disoriented person leaves, fire
breaks out, water leaks, etc.

of Care Tasks

Fast recording of activities in the mobile
application after NFC chips are read

for Effective Care

Task planning, comments saving,
employee communication via chat

HelpLivi is suitable for facilities such as retirement homes, nursing homes and homes for clients with special needs as well as for social services providing personal assistance to clients in their own home.

Contact us and we will design the perfect solution specifically for your needs.

HelpLivi Makes the Lives of Clients Better and the Work of Staff Easier

You can choose individual solutions for each of your clients thanks to the wide range of panic buttons and detectors available.

Using the mobile application, staff can correctly carry out planned care tasks at the client and are immediately informed when a client presses a panic button or when a sensor detects a risk situation.

The complete system is set up in the web application. This also includes a retroactive overview of operations.

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About us

We are NAM system, a Czech company situated in Havířov. We have been developing and producing a wide range of monitoring technologies since 1990. Our long-standing customers are police forces, fire brigades, municipalities, security agencies, senior homes, social service facilities and other companies in various specialized industries.

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