About us

We are currently finding a business partners in foreign countries to distribute HelpLivi. For more information about possible cooperation please see our Contacts section.

NAM system – a Czech Producer of Monitoring Technologies

We started to develop software and hardware in 1990 and now we belong among the most stable companies on the Czech and Slovak market.

We supply technologies for surveillance centers, communication data transmissions and systems for monitoring the mobile objects – vehicles, machinery, property and people. We not only develop but also manufacture the technologies ourselves. That´s why we are able to respond flexibly to our customers specific requirements. We supervise the functionality of our technologies 24/7.

What Else We Can Do for You

Monitoring of Property

With the TICK portable GPS tracker, you can protect against the theft objects or property that you otherwise have a hard time guarding, e.g. stored in a warehouse, garage or folded up in the garden. Just place the tracker on the monitored object and the tracker will then detect any shocks, tilt or manipulation. If an alarm is raised, it sends a notification to the mobile application and you can intervene or track the GPS location of the stolen object.

Vehicle Monitoring

With our GPS units installed in company cars, you will have an overview of vehicle movements, who is going, when, from where and where are they heading. You can also go through all data retrospectively. The system offers automatic creation of a log book and also vehicle security in the form of immediate information about vehicle theft, an accident in the parking lot or on the road.

Are You Interested in HelpLivi?

Contact us. We can come to your facility, show you what we can offer, take measurements and discuss the solution suitable exactly for you.

NAM system, a.s.

U Pošty 1163/13
735 64 Havířov – Prostřední Suchá
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 596 531 140
E-mail: info@nam.cz

Company registration number: 25862731
VAT number: CZ25862731
Listed in the business register of the Regional Courts in Ostrava, Section B, file 2365.