Assistance for Effective Care


Everything Important in One Place

The special functions of the HelpLivi application allow easier passing on of information and communication among staff ensuring better daily planning of the day.

The mobile application serves as an aid to staff so that they have all important information at their disposal, wherever they are. Via the application, they can see, for specific clients, what activities are planned, what tasks are to be performed or look back at the history of activities. If someone wants to add important information for other staff, they can save comments or write these on the chat.

The web application has got the same functions offering an even clearer data summary of specific clients and staff. You can retroactively display information about previous alarms, care tasks done, etc. Data can also be exported for printing.

Easier Planning And Better Communication

What Does The Application Offer?


In preset time periods, staff can receive notification of upcoming activities


Overview of information about the clients and employees – list of alarms, events, care tasks done


Chat function for sharing information among staff


More Functions HelpLivi Can Offer

for Help

Panic buttons for indoor and outdoor use

Risk Detection

Warns when disoriented person leaves, fire breaks out, water leaks, etc.

of Care Tasks

Fast recording of activities in the mobile application after NFC chips are read

Are You Interested in HelpLivi?

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