Devices for Calling for Help, Risk Detection and Recording of Care Tasks

Choose the panic button according to the clients needs. Wireless detectors protect both clients and buildings and are easy to install. NFC chips are used to record care tasks.

Portable GPS Button

Portable Personal Button

Portable Personal Button

Portable Button/Bracelet

Fixed button

Fixed Button with Cord

Bedside Fixed Button

Bedside Fixed Button

NFC Chips

Universal Transmitter

HelpLivi Reciever/Transmitter

Exit Detector

Smoke/Fire Detector

Water Leak Detector

Bed Leaving Detector

Open Door Detector

Temperature/Humidity Detector

Mobile Application

There are many helpful features in the mobile app that can be used daily. Features in the mobile application allow alarms to be resolved quickly and easily. Staff can see who is calling for help and can take responsibility for resolving the alarm. Details about the client and the activated devices are visible here. Care tasks can be recorded in the application, just scan the NFC chip and choose from the pre-set task menu. Staff can also plan activities and events, chat with colleagues, etc.

Please see recommended mobile phones here.

Web Application

The web application serves to set and to administrate the whole system according to specific needs.

It provides a range of management data summaries about the facilities all in one place. The application also offers retroactive summaries of alarm history, tasks done, etc. All data can be exported for printing.

In the diagnostics module you can see the current status of the system and receive notifications of deficiencies.

The entire system is secure and GDPR compliant.

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