Calling for Help


Putting the Safety of Seniors First

HelpLivi system offers a wide range of panic buttons for different types of use – fixed buttons placed in the clients room or by their bed and portable buttons for people moving around the inside and outside of the building. It is important to be able to intervene at times when a client needs help.

It is good to have an overview about what happened, when it happened and how it was resolved. Information of tasks completed is also documented.

Not Only in Nurse Station You Need to Know about Emergency Situations

How it Works


Choose buttons for clients according
to their needs


If a client presses a button,
an alarm is raised in the app


Staff have information in the application about clients and buttons pressed


More Functions HelpLivi Can Offer

Risk Detection

Warns when disoriented person leaves, fire breaks out, water leaks, etc.

of Care Tasks

Fast recording of activities in the mobile application after NFC chips are read

for Effective Care

Task planning, comments saving, employee communication via chat

Are You Interested in HelpLivi?

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