Records of Care Tasks


Fast and Simple Recording of Care Tasks

The mobile application, together with NFC chips, allows the recording of tasks done. There is no need to use extra readers or other services. The whole process is fast and simple. Staff do not need to spend time writting down the tasks and instead can attend to clients.

The NFC Chip Is Scanned with the Mobile Terminal and the Scheduled Tasks Are Selected

How It Works


NFC chips are stuck or installed easily in the client´s room


Assign chips to clients in the web application and then set tasks and frequency of these


The carer scans the chip with their mobile device and a list of tasks for this client are shown.


More Functions HelpLivi Can Offer

Calling for Help

Panic buttons for indoor and outdoor use

Automatic Risk Detection

Warns when disoriented person leaves, fire breaks out, water leaks, etc.

Assistance for Effective Care

Task planning, comments saving, employee communication via chat

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