Automatic Risk Detection


Warns when Disoriented People Leave,
Fire Breaks out, Water Leaks, etc.

Automatic detection functions are not dependent only on the input of a person.

Wireless smoke/fire detectors and water leak detectors protect the building against damage and may also save lives. For disorientated clients are suitable detectors of leaving the bed, room or building. These protect against unwanted wandering or leaving the building.

The temperature/humidity detector ensures greater comfort for your clients.

Each device will raise an alarm in the HelpLivi application if it detects a potentially dangerous situation. Staff know exactly where the problem is and can immediately go to the scene to assist.

Fast Response to Potentially Dangerous Situations and Problems

How It Works


Choose the detector according to the type of potentially dangerous situations


When a dangerous situation occurs, an alarm is raised in the mobile app


Information about the client and who is currently resolving the alarm is in the app


More Functions HelpLivi Can Offer

for Help

Panic buttons for indoor and outdoor use

of Care Tasks

Fast recording of activities in the mobile application after NFC chips are read

for Effective Care

Task planning, comments saving, employee communication via chat

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